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Importing a car from the United States has many benefits. With the world becoming more connected than it has ever been consumers can now expand their reach for cars in many markets and do not have to choose by what is just available in their country. At Global Auto Depot we are the preferred choice for consumers all around the world who can benefit from our large inventory of cars combined with our international car sales expertise.


We provide you with a huge selection of many makes and models that you would typically not have available in your country. When shopping for a car we also provide you with many cars that will fit everyones budget. At Global Auto Depot you have access to cars manufactured by some of the most recognized and respected car manufacturers for quality such as General Motors, BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, Ford, Chevrolet and Chrysler to name a few.


Importing a car from the United States can be significantly cheaper than purchasing the car in your country. This is because in today’s age of the Internet you as a consumer have more control of your car buying experience. You no longer have to be at the mercy of dealers and their inventory. You now have the ability to get the best price possible when you shop with Global Auto Depot because you can utilize Direct Importing through Global Auto Depot to save thousands of dollars on your next car purchase. 

Purchasing Power:

Buying a car from the United States has not been this friendly on your wallet for many years. As many countries have seen a drop in the value of the dollar in recent years it has allowed for many countries to take advantage of great deals on US exports. Car enthusiasts from all around the world are taking advantage of the amount of money they can save on purchasing a quality vehicle from the United States. Now is the time to take advantage of the purchasing power that your country’s currency has against the US dollar. Don’t waste time as currency valuation do change and these kind of deals won’t last forever! 

Convenient International Payment Methods:

​Purchasing a car online has never been easier and more convenient. We go the extra mile to offer you an easy purchasing process that gives you a variety of payment methods. Global Auto Depot offers three convenient payment methods. You have the option to pay by:

-​Bank Wire Transfer 
-Western Union

Wire Transfers
A Bank Wire Transfer is an electronic payment service for transferring funds by wire from one bank account to another bank account. 

-Fast and easy
-Popular international payment method
-Bank wire transferring are highly secure

Western Union EFT 
Western Union's Electronic Funds Transfer payment method allows you to send your payment to Global Auto Depot from your bank. 

-Send payment in your countries local currency.  
-No currency conversion fees. 
-Simple and flexible for international purchases.

This convenient payment method through Western Union allows you to send your payment in your country’s local currency and not have to pay any currency conversion fees. This is a simple and flexible method of making a payment on your international purchase. 

Bitcoin is a digital peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. 

-Send money instantly anywhere in the world.  

-No imposed limits, no boarders  
-Processed with either no fees or extremely small fee.

If you have Bitcoin’s and would like to pay with your Bitcoin's Global Auto Depot is now accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment. You can send money instantly anywhere in the world at any time. No bank holidays. No borders. No imposed limits. Bitcoin payments are currently processed with either no fees or extremely small fees. 

As you can see there are many benefits to importing a car from the United States through Global Auto Depot. The benefits are numerous whether it’s our:

-Vast selection of cars for sale
-Pricing that will fit your budget and allow you to save money
-Utilizing the purchasing power that your currency may have against the US dollar
-A wide spectrum of multi-currency payment methods

Contact us today at +1 408 514 8504 to start taking advantage of the many benefits of importing a car from Global Auto Depot.